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February 28, 2022



      This will be a good day to remember, and pray, about the power, you hold, in your thought.  For, from your thought comes what you say; and from that, which you say, come the deeds of the day.  Before you make a decision, or a pronouncement, of any kind, sit with Me, and you will find, that, that which might have been made, in a negative way, can also be made, in a positive way.  Be mindful, of the power, of your thought, and let us spend this day, learning to think, in a positive way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Guard your thoughts, today, especially today, so that you might not say, that, which you wish, later, you did not say, this day.  Sit in quiet.  Let us speak.  We will talk about the importance, of positive energy, taking anything that comes to you, and letting it rest, in the nest, of positivity.  Then, your thoughts will begin to form, and flow, in a different way, in a productive way.  And soon, your thoughts will automatically go, in the positive way.  Let us sit, together, today, in this way.