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February 5, 2022



      There are petals, on the flowers, as they blossom, and bloom.  There are leaves, on the trees, as the buds open in bloom.  There are young birds, on the wing, as they learn, how to fly.  All things are new, in the world, by and by.  And all these things are signs, messages.  Watch, and see, what I do, with nature: rebirth after stillness; flight, song, light.  Pay attention, and celebrate.  Jump for joy.  Be ecstatic, about your life, as it unfolds, season, after season, with petals, and leaves, flight, and light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is nothing dull about your life, upon Earth.  And with each insight, you collect, from the realm of Spirit, your life, upon Earth, is richer, and filled with delight.  Look around you, for the examples.  Watch, so you might see, and know, and, in the knowing, grow.  For God shows you, every day, and even in the night, that, that which forms around you, is good, and right; and you are dwelling, in it, both day, and night.  Look, and see, and know.  You too will blossom, have petals, and leaves, and grow.  And then, when it is time, you will take flight, and soar, in The Light of God.