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February 6, 2023


      A new day is with you.  Rise-up, and greet The Light with great delight.  Open your eyes to the possibilities, held within The Light.  The Light will illuminate all that is shadowy, or dark.  The Light will bring clarity to every situation, so that you might know The Way.  Rise-up so your heart might sing, with joy, of all that is yours, of all held within you.  A new day is with you.  Rejoice.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You do not know what the next hour will bring to you.  You do know that I AM, within you.  Excitement replaces concern, or doubt, when the realization sparks, within you, that we, the two of us, will adventure into the next hour, completely.  In this state of union, we will approach each hour of the day, until it is done, and sleep is on its way, so you might rest, in the knowing, of a day that was wholly yours, experienced with Me.  We are one in the journey of your lifetime, upon Earth.