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February 8, 2023



      Just as a solitary match, once struck, brings light to a darkened space, a solitary person can bring light to a place of darkness and shadow.  The match cannot strike itself.  There must be one called to action, to strike, the match.  But once struck, the match does what it was meant to do, bring light, from a small flame.  Once there is the flame, there is no limit to the light, warmth, and comfort it can bring forth.  A spiritual match is, within you.  Your desire, to be the light, is what will strike the match, and bring forth the flame.  Once there is the flame, burning within you, you are the light, and there is no limit to what you can do.  Bring forth the light, from within, and you will be the bringer of the light, warmth, and comfort, wherever there is darkness and shadow.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is no need to wait, for a special day, or date, or time, to honor that which is, within you.  Within, you are the light.  Do not hide your light.  Do not deny your light.  Strike the chord of desire, which will bring forth the flame, to become the light, living light to illuminate darkness and shadow, wherever it might be.  You are the light unto the world.