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February 9, 2023



      Heaven is with you, and within you.  If you will be still, and quiet, you will hear the song of angels, inviting you to be silent, as the tones and vibrations, of My Holy Angels, roll over, and around, you, to bring peace, within you.  Do not be afraid, or angered, by what others are saying, or doing.  For, I send My angels, unto you, so that you will feel their presence.  Their numbers are many.  Their power to heal is, with you.  Their power to settle peace, within you, is with you.  They are, with you, as I AM, with you.  Be still, and hear, the song of angels, emanating, from the energy of creation, continuing throughout all dimensions.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Believe you are never alone, for We are with you, in so many forms.  God is, within you.  I AM, within you.  God’s Holy Angels fill the spaces around you, to guard you, and guide you.  Know that all The Light of Heaven will illuminate the darkness, whenever it threatens to enshroud you.  Know you hold The Light of God, within you.  You are not alone.  Be still, and hear, songs of angels.  Let the tone and vibration, of the sacred songs they sing, wrap you in protection, from all energies of darkness and shadow.  All, which threatens a child of God, will fail, and fall, and fade away.