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February 10, 2023



      The very young have the greatest capacity to love, to love deeply.  Their understanding of love comes from the core of their being, from the depths of My love, not only for them, but for all My creation.  They are still swimming in the sea of My love.  They know it.  Love has not yet been altered, or diminished, by worldly experiences, or teachings handed down to them, luring them into mistrust and hatred of others.  When given the opportunity to sit in the wisdom of the very young, do so, without hesitation, as their love is pure, and heals much, simply by being in their presence.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Listen to the words of the very young, and let them sink into your being.  Heed the questions which flow from the mouth of babes.  And if it falls to you to respond to their questions, seek first, wisdom from within, before you speak.  The eyes of the young see beyond skin and bone.  Their eyes pierce the veil, and see truth, illuminated within the energy of love.