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February 11, 2023



      When the eyes behold the beauty of the unseen, there comes a release of all doubt, as that, which had not been seen before, reveals that, which is of God, that which is of My creation.  While walking in human flesh, limitations are experienced, boundaries are set in place before one even notices the marking of such spaces.  But your spirit knows no boundaries.  Through human eyes the impossibilities of certain situations are seen.  Through the eyes of your spirit, all things are seen as possibilities for a new day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Resist the temptation to believe that which is seen by your human eye, is all that is.  The spirit knows that which is unseen by human eyes.  The unseen rivals the seen, in its glory, for the realization, of the glory, is accomplished through the eyes of your spirit, revealing the wisdom of the soul created, within The Love of God.