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February 12, 2023



      “I AM with you.  In all ways, I AM with you.  Within the knowing of this mystery, we come together, as One.  And, in the One, we walk, and talk, laugh, and dance, living within Heaven, and Earth, together as One.  It is all One.       


      “Listen, so you might hear, and know, The Way.  Walk out into nature.  Be quiet.  Still your mind, releasing all thoughts of the world, created by man, and step into the offspring of Mother Earth, Magnificent Mother, created by God.  Walk amongst the trees, noticing all parts of the tree, honoring all parts of the one tree.  So many pieces, taking their place, in the one tree.  Walk amongst the trees, noticing that you too are part of the offspring of Mother Earth.  This blossoms in your senses, touching your heart, igniting the spirit, within, with the knowing that all pieces, all parts, merge into the One.  Even as you walk, appearing to be separate, you are one, with all around you.  You are one with The One.

      “And this union does not just take place upon Earth, in the physical realm, in which you reside.  This union, with All That Is, takes place, within you.  The more you journey, within, gliding through the sacred corridors of your true being, the more you will know this.  The knowing of oneness will transcend believing, merging into the wisdom of knowing The One.  Every time you sit with God, every time you seek by asking The Holy Spirit, you are experiencing Heaven and Earth, at the same time.  You are living, beyond, the material, the worldly existence, when this holy contact is made.

      “‘How can this be done?’ you might ask.  And I say unto you, it is done in quiet, in stillness, in divine conversation, which requires no words.  The words, of humankind, are feeble, insufficient to address that which is holy, and glorious, in the revelation of truth, between you and God, between you and The Holy Spirit.  All these things of eternal wisdom are borne, within you.  Do not dismiss that which you carry.  Do not deny the key you hold to the doorway of The Dimension of Perfection.  Embrace, all that is yours, and be at peace.”