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God’s Daily Message



      If you are standing in a room, with an overhead light, shining brightly, the room is illuminated, and you are touched by the light from above.  If you move away from the light, to a distant corner of the room, the light is still shining, and you can still see clearly, because the room is illuminated by the light.  If you choose to leave the room, and walk down the hallway, into another room, which has no light, you are in darkness; but the light is still shining in the room from whence you came.  Even when you have chosen, to distance yourself, from the light, the light is still shining.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Light is light.  Darkness is darkness.  Love is love.  Peace is peace.  Compassion is compassion.  Kindness is kindness.  Forgiveness is forgiveness.  I AM, and you, are a part, of Me.



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