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June 10, 2022



      When everything seems to be moving so fast, when there seems to be too much to do, when you feel overwhelmed, make the time to be still, to sit, with Me.  The temptation will be, there is no time to sit with Me; but, if you will make the time, to sit, quietly, with Me, then, when you rise-up, all there is to do will seem smaller, than it did before.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When there seems to be too much to do, you make a list, and as you progress, you check tasks off the list.  It works for you, and you are eager to begin the day this way.  But, instead of hurrying to your list, make the time, to sit with God.  Doing this, will make everything, on the list, seem smaller, doable, possible, because you took the time, to sit, with God.