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June 9, 2022



      You do not have to be a great speaker, a gifted writer.  You do not have to be in powerful position, or very wealthy.  You do not have to be an educator, or a legislator.  You do not have to be any of these things to greatly impact the lives of others.  All you need do, is to rise-up each day, and do, that which I guide you to do, without hesitation, trusting that wherever I send you is the exact location, which is the spot for you.  Walk, within the knowing, that I AM with you.  Give, within the knowing, that you shall have all you need.  Love, within the knowing, that it is My love, flowing to, and through, you, that can touch, anyone you encounter.  And this is how you can love, all.  Even those you would not love before, it is possible, when they walk through that door, to feel love, coming from you, because it is My love, flowing, from you, to them.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When it is your intention, to know The Ways of God, and live them, fully, and completely, it shall happen.  And all, of those gathered around you, will know God, through that which you think, and say, and do.  So, today, without hesitation, let it be known, that it is your intention, to know The Ways of God, and to walk in them, all The Ways of God.