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June 8, 2022





      Do not close-down, the answer to your prayer, by speaking your petition, then rising-up, as if I AM not there.  I know your need.  Oh, it is good, if you wish to pray, to give voice to your need; but, do not forget, that the most important piece of prayer, is the quiet, the listening, as if you know, I AM there.  Speak, if you must, and let it be, and I will fill thee, with the answer.  In many ways, it will come to you.  But there must be a quiet time, in your prayer: so that you can hear The Still, Small Voice, within; so that you can lift-up your face, and feel, The Wind; so that you can walk, in nature, and be warmed, by The Son.  You see, My child, I have sent these to you, each One: so that you would be answered, in many ways; so that you would see, the glory, in the answer, and in My ways.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       For a long time, you have been taught, how to pray, which mostly includes, stating your petition, sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly; but praying, in an unending way, for God to come, and answer your prayer that day.  It is time for you to practice prayer, in another way.  Be still, be quiet, be open to that which God will say, to you.  Embrace, what you hear.  Embrace, what you feel.  Embrace, what you know and understand.  Embrace, the hand of God, because the hand of God will rest, upon your shoulder, and guide you, showing you, that, which you need to know.  And, in the showing, will come the answer, to your prayer.