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January 12, 2023



      All around you is the glory of creation.  Look, and see, and feel, and know it.  It is living.  It is energy.  It is creation continuing, all around you.  And you, too, are the continuing creation.  Find a grassy place, a meadow, perhaps.  Lay down, on Mother Earth, and feel the grass beneath you.  Look up at the sky, and watch the clouds, moving by, or the sun, shining, in a clear blue sky; but look up.  And let your head roll, from side to side, and see the trees, as they grow outside, and reach to the sky.  For, as you are in this position, you are wrapped, in a robe of Mother Earth, green, growing, moving, showing The Way.  Do not avoid the continuation of creation, today.  Look around you, and see all, that way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will be days, when you will be distracted, perhaps closed in, in a room, or an office.  No matter where you have been, during the day, in this time of distraction, remove yourself from that space, and go outside, for just a while.  Even if it is raining, or snowing, go outside, and look up, up into the sky, and let your body be filled with the knowing, that is coming from The Spirit, within you, showing you The Way.