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January 13, 2022




      Do not allow the path you trod to be littered with debris of thought, word, and deed.  Let every thought you have, be a thought, to clear The Way, move the rocks, and the stones, and the obstacles, so that your passage will be made easier.  Let your thoughts create the path, and let it be smooth, and well swept, and tended.  And let the words, you pronounce, be the flowering bushes, and trees, and grasses.  Let the words you speak bring forth the birds, of the air, and the beautiful flowers, from the ground, and the squirrels, and all the creatures of Earth.  Let them line your path, so you might celebrate, God’s creation, as you walk, upon the Earth.  And let your deeds seal it, with this beautiful energy of doing for others, as you might have them do unto you.  Create your passageway.  Sweep the path, with your thoughts.  Plant the beauty of Earth with trees, and bushes, and flowers, and fill the sky with birds, and the trees with squirrels, with your words.  And let your deeds seal it all in golden light.  Let your passage, upon the Earth, be one of beauty, and celebration, of The Glory of God, because I AM with you.  I serve you.  I send to you, all you need, so take that which I give you, and plant the seeds of beauty everywhere you go.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Your path is what you make it.  Your surroundings are how you make them.  And every day, and every night, is what you desire.  Your will power is more powerful than you know.  So today, practice.  Practice thoughts, sweeping clean your way.  Practice words, planting seeds of beauty, and summoning forth the animals, and the birds, of The Kingdom of God, all around you.  And let your deeds be the deeds of helping others, as you go.  Today, prepare The Way, so others might be excited to follow you, to grow in The Ways of God.