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January 12, 2022



      When you find it difficult to love someone, remember, just as you are My child, they too are My child.  And I love them, no matter what they have done.  My mercy, I show unto them, as I show unto you.  My love, I give unto them, just as I give My love to you.  My compassion and understanding, I give unto them, just as I give unto you.  No matter what you have done, you are My daughter, or you are My son, and I love you.  Unconditionally, My love is yours.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When in human form, you might find it difficult to love, unconditionally.  But unconditionally is how God loves, because God is love.  There is no restraining it, or holding, and denying it from some.  God is love, and love flows to all, without measurement, unconditionally, because God cannot be anything but love.  Let your heart be filled with love.  Open the doors of your heart so that God’s love just saturates your inner chambers.  and when you know that God’s love is unconditional for you, it will make it easier, for you, to do unto others, as God has done unto you.