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January 11, 2022



      You might not know that there is a swarm of minute insects, in your path, until the light of the sun, catches it, falls upon it, in just the right way, and you see, and you know.  You might not be aware that there are minute insects, forming a colony, behind a piece of furniture, in your home, until you move the furniture, and clean, and know.  You might not know what is on the heart, of another person, until they profess their love for you, and tell you how much they care for you, and then you accept, and know.  I tell you I AM within you.  I tell you Heaven is near to you, and with you.  I tell you I send angels, and messengers, and messages to you.  I send signs to you.  I whisper, to you, and send The Holy Spirit to guide you through.  But you cannot know these things, until you embrace what I say to you, draw nearer to Me, so you might grow, in knowing My love, for you.  That which you know, helps you to grow.  And when you know Me, you grow in faith, and light, and love.  Do not walk blindly, into this new day.  See, and know.  Embrace, and grow.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       That which you do not know, still is.  That which you cannot see, still is.  But with faith, and trust, you will know, all there is to know.  And you will see, all there is to see.  These gifts, these knowings, these unseen things, are available for you.  Ask!  The Holy Spirit, Me, I was sent to live, to dwell within thee, so you would know these things, from within.  And when you know them from within, there is no doubt.  When you read them, in a book, or hear somebody else say these things to you, doubt could form, or at least the seed of doubt, could take root in your thoughts.  But when you know it, from within, when you see, from within, there is very rarely the doubt.  Be still, have faith, and you will know, and you will see, beyond doubt.