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January 10, 2022



      Light follows you around, and is with you, because it is within you.  You were born of the light.  You do not have to seek, when it is within you, all those things around you, in the physical world.  The eternal light is within you.  Therefore, no matter where you go, there is the light.  And for those of you, who are willing to go inward, and sit with your light, and clean the debris from your light, you not only walk, and the light is with you, but you walk, and you are the light, because you are shining with such brightness.  And your light recognizes other light.  You cannot be in darkness, when you acknowledge, and embrace, your light, the light that is within you, the light that is you.  Seeking, even when you are afraid, those things of the physical world, will not bring you the fulfill-ness of the light that is within you.  Within you is the eternal light.  So, before you seek, in the physical world, an answer for the light, go within and ignite the light that is you.  It is your eternal light.  It will not fail you.  You will not stumble in darkness, when you know this, because in the process, of going within, you realize that you are the light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be still, and do not be afraid, or bear the burden of worry, and sorrow.  Take the time you spend in worry, and anxiety, and sorrow, to make the journey within, to sit, and meet with the light, within you, and let the light embrace you, and let your intentions be pure, so that your light is clean, and bright, because the light, within you, will show you The Way Home.