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January 9, 2022



      Hear Me.  I AM Spirit, and I created you, therefore you are spirit.  Your soul does not die.  The time has come, when any, who will hear, and pay attention, will know, to connect with who you are, because then, you will be prepared, when the time comes, for your spirit, your soul, to ascend, into the Heavenly Dimension, which is right there with you, and shake the body of dust, and let it fall, so that you can rise-up, and continue your eternal journey.  You can connect with who you are.  And when you do so, the epiphany will strike, with an amazing trumpet sound, because then, you will know.  When you seek, to speak, with your spirit, your soul, the words, coming to you, will be different.  They will be songlike, ancient words.  They will not clatter, and be filled with clutter, of the worldly concerns.  You will be speaking, to your body, your physical body, and you will say such things, as: “fear not;” “be not afraid;” “we are eternal, the spirit, the soul is eternal.”  The physical body is a glove, a tool.  When you connect, with the spirit, that is you, you will not hear angry thoughts.  You will not hear meanspirited words.  You will hear such things, as: “bless those before you;” “respect those before you;” “see God’s creation, in the tree.”  Your words will not be debris.  They will be of great value.  Connect with who you are.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Remember the words, which you have heard often, or possibly read.  God is Spirit, and those who desire to pay homage, to worship, God, must worship in spirit.  It is time, to talk, of these things, because there are many of you, upon the Earth, who are ready to hear this, who are ready to sing an eternal song.  But it will be challenging, and almost impossible, for you to do, if you continue to connect with your physical body, first, if you cling to the ways, and the values, of the world, created by man.  You must release that, and prepare to walk into a land, that is filled with opportunities.  Anything you wish to do, can be done, by the spirit, that is you.  Be aware of the change, of the shift, of the number of those, who are willing to lift themselves up, and move into this new time, filled with the spirit that they are.