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January 9, 2022


      “I AM with you.  Rise-up and greet this new day.  You are upon the Earth, and your days are numbered, so greet the day, in a joyful way, and come, and walk, with Me, for I will point to things that you might see, but for walking with Me.                                          



      “Today, I wish to encourage you to connect, with who you are.  The time is drawing near, when those of Earth, who will hear the call, the summon, will begin to ascend, to a new plateau, where they see things from a different light, a different perspective, because they are releasing the importance, attached to the physical appearance, and going within, to meet themselves, to spend time with the spirit, the soul, to begin to see Earth, through the eyes of God, through the eyes of spirit. 

      “For any, who are willing to do this, the rewards are great.  Perhaps, you have thought, at some time, you have connected with your spirit, and you get advice, you get instruction.  But I AM asking you to sit with who you are, and look, and see the difference, coming from the spirit that is you, the soul that is you.  You will not hear clatter, in the words.  When you are still, and listen, the eternal you will say such things as: ‘be not afraid;’ ‘glory be to God, and blessings be upon the people of Earth;’ ‘respect those, who walk around you;’ ‘give your time, and compassion, to those crying around you.’  You will not hear judgment from the eternal you.  You will hear words of blessing, gratitude, and thanksgiving, which sound more like a song.  They will not be filled with the debris, shouted-out from the physical form, when tempted to anger, or hatred.  You will know the difference, when you take the time to meet yourself, in that sacred chamber, where soul and spirit live.  In this way, when it is time, for the change, for the return, the spirit, the soul, will be eager, to shake the physical form, and let it fall because it is an Earth experience, not intended to be forever.  It is temporary.  It is passing.  And the more you think about this, and pray about this, and seek the eternalness of you, the more you will come to understand, that this, is a piece, of your eternal lifetime.  It has value, but your physical body is not permanent.  It will fall from you.  And you do not have to wait until then for the real you to be revealed.  Meet the eternal you.  Speak with the soul that is you, today, and you will see Earth, the creation of God, in a sacred way, and you will meet the inhabitants of God’s creation, in a holy way, with respect and honor for the spirit, the eternal being, they truly are.”