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January 8, 2022



      Know the power, held within every thought you have, because thought is the power of your creation.  Every thought, you create, changes the world.  Therefore, elevate your thoughts, so that your thoughts, that, created within your thought, moves into the world, as a blessing.  Lift-up the energy of the world, by lifting your thoughts.  Elevate your thoughts.  This sounds simple, almost too good to be true, yet it is true.  You can ascend, to a higher place, by creating, within your thought.  And when you are creating, within your thought, let it be sacred, and holy.  Practice this, with each person you meet, today, lift them up, within your thoughts.  See the potential of this.  Understand that you are bringing Heaven onto the Earth when you elevate your thought, creating compassion, understanding, generosity, kindness, love.  Create love, and you will bring light to the world around you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You can make a difference.  Ascending, into the realm, of peace, and light, and love is as easily accomplished as creating thoughts of peace, and light, and love.  You feel it.  Those around you feel it.  They feel it just as much as when your thoughts are of shadow and darkness, and a shroud falls upon you, and all round you.  Make it your intention to create, a sacred space, and live there, within your thought.  Live where you create.  Be there day, and night, creating love.  In this way you will counter darkness and shadow.  And the more you create the brighter, and the lighter, the world is all around you.  Know the power, of your thought, and elevate.


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