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January 15, 2022



      On the other side, of the towering mountain range, is a lush valley, filled with fruit trees, and flowers, and flowing rivers, and streams, and meadows that go on, for miles, and miles.  And just at the other end, of this lush valley, is a grand ocean, which flows into eternity, and brings all that is needed back to that lush valley, as a gift.  And it sustains the life, that is there, that lives there.  But to reach that lush valley, one must be willing to climb the towering mountain range.  It calls many, this valley does.  And her voice is so compelling, that those, hearing her song, climb the mountain all day, and all night long, until they reach the top, and there their breath is taken away, by the beauty that is set before them, night, and day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not let another person dissuade from following the call, even when you cannot see from whence it is coming, even when there are grand barriers, and obstacles, before you, and others tell you, “See, you cannot go this way.  It is blocked.  There is nothing beyond that.”  Do not permit others to stop you from climbing up the towering mountain range, so that you might see the lush valley of God.