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January 16, 2022


      “I AM with you.  Through it all, I AM with you; for, I was sent to be The Living Word, The Living Example, The Living Template.  And that honor does not stop, now.  Even while I AM not walking upon the Earth, we can walk, together, now, we can talk, together, now, we can move through the garden of Earth, together, do all things, together, because I AM with you, now.                                   



      “Today, I wish to speak to you about judging yourself so harshly.  And, in doing so, totally the lesson, the knowing, the wisdom.  If you take a punitive stance, about your missteps, the tumbles, the falls you take, along The Way, fear, and guilt, reside within you, doubt is also there.  And everywhere you go, you carry those hitchhikers with you.  Look at what happens, every day, during your lifetime, as experience, of your time, upon Earth.  Do not be so quick to judge yourself harshly.  Stand back and take a look at what happened.  Without denial, acknowledge.  Look, and see, what happened.  Acknowledge it.  And then, see it, through the eyes of experience, learning, lessons.  Do not trust it to your memory.  Write it down.  Write down the wisdom, which is growing, within you, because of your life experiences, upon Earth.  In this way, doubt, and guilt, and shame, will not grow, within you, covering your light, shrouding your light.  In this way, your light will grow brighter, because you can speak, of your experience, and the lessons you learned, because of a tumble, because of a fall, and through it all you rose-up, in the light of God.  It was acknowledged, accepted, blessed, by the stance you took.  It makes all the difference, in the world, because you, your personality, your character, will be different.  Whichever you choose, whichever side you choose, you are going to be different.  You are going to be dealing with guilt, and shame; or, you are going to be dealing with experience, and lessons, this experience, and these lessons.  You will be happy to sign your name to that paper, and say, ‘This is what happened, and now, I know.’ 

      “Change your position, your stance, and you will grow, in The Light of God, because you will grow, in The Wisdom of God. 

      “You can rise above everything.  It is a temptation to think you cannot.  It is a temptation to think that others will blame you for this, or that, or the other, without your consent.  If you are standing tall, confident, and speaking, of the lessons, you have learned, no one can blame you, because you do not blame yourself.  You have taken the pearl of wisdom, from a muddy puddle, which will be cleaned-up.  It is that simple, My brothers, and sisters.  Do not label yourself, when God does not label you.  Look at your life experience, as a lesson, and walk in The Light of God.  In that way, you are the living word, you are the living example, you are the living template, of what can be done, no matter what the situation.  And in this position, in this stance, others see, know they too can rise above it, and walk with you.”