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January 16, 2022



      I wish for you to change the way you look at your missteps, your tumbles, the times, you believe, you have fallen short of the goal, you have set.  Most of the time, you look at what you have done, from a punitive stance.  It is time for you to shift that stance, that position, and look at that, which you do, and that, which happens, and you respond to, from a stance of experience, learning, lessons lived out.  This does not require that much of you.  But if you will try it, if you will practice it, you will find that, everything changes, when you look at it, through the eyes of experience, a lesson learned; because, if you continue to look at things, through this punitive stance, you are going to doubt yourself, think less of yourself, draw yourself in, because of shame, or guilt.  You will not rise-up and be, the you, that you are meant to be.  If you continue to look at your missteps, through this punitive stance, the chances are more likely that you will repeat it, and repeat it.  But if you look at it, through the eyes of a life experience, in which you learned a lesson, you are less likely to continue the misstep, the tumble; and, you are less likely, to judge yourself, so harshly.  I love you.  I see your struggles, and I AM with you.  Reach-out, and take My hand, and let us shift the stance to the one from which you can learn, the best, and move forward; move forward with knowledge, with courage, with trust, but with confidence, that you can overcome, and you can learn the lesson.  This My son, My daughter, is progress.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When a child spills a glass of milk, onto the floor, through accident, the parent can fuss, can punish, can be stern, and the child will shrink back.  They will feel guilty, and ashamed.  How they respond to this guilt, and shame, is unique unto each child.  But, when the glass, of milk, is spilled, upon the floor, and the child is picked-up from the chair, and together, the parent, and the child, clean-up the milk, from the floor, there is a lesson.  And the child learns the lesson, eventually.  When accidents occur, when you spill milk, on the floor, someone must clean it up.  And so, the lesson is learned.  It will take longer, from a punitive stance, to learn this lesson, of spilled milk.  The lesson will be understood, more clearly by the child, if the parent holds true to the cleaning-up the mess, together.  If you have spilled the milk, on the floor, get down on your knees, and clean it up.  Lesson learned.  Now, stand-up, in The Light of God.  You know more than you did before the milk was spilled.  You learned more, as you knelt, on the floor.