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January 17, 2022



      I wish for you to know The Way to peace, The Ways of peace, and how to live, in peace.  If you rely on material objects, and other people, to secure peace, for you, your peace will be rocked, from time to time; and, in those times, you will not know what to do.  You will find fear, and doubt, and worry.  Anxiety, and frustration, will follow you.  And peace will evade you, no matter what you do.  The Way to peace is to sit with Me, draw near to Me, make the connection with Me.  And I will whisper, and in The Whisper you will feel the warmth fold, all around you.  This warmth will enfold you, within My love, for you, and peace will be yours, because you will always know what to do, because My love will bring you confidence.  And our communion will be sweet, and complete, and be the source of peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When your peace is of God, your ship will not be rocked, or wrecked.  When God is The Source, of your peace, you will be confident, in every storm.  You will be at peace, through every storm, because you know who you are.  Let The Source, of your peace, be The Creator of All Things.  And in this knowing, rest assured, peace is yours.  Peace will endure.