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January 18, 2022



      Each, of you, has either seen, or heard about, or read about, a feat of impossible strength, such as a parent, lifting a vehicle, enough, to retrieve a child, who is penned beneath that vehicle.  This is what I wish for you to consider.  There was not something, within their body, that happened, and gave them such extra muscular strength, that they were able to lift a vehicle, enough.  That was not physical.  In an hour of need, they called out for help, and because they willed it, within a prayer, My Power came through them, in such a way, that I was there, with them, lifting the vehicle, enough, to retrieve the penned child.  These things are possible!  When you call, and ask, it is given to you.  And it is given to you, in measure, far beyond what you considered, when you called, when you asked.  My Power, My Strength, is your power, and your strength, when you will it so.  Will it so!

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Miracles occur every day, all around you.  They are not noticed, and acknowledged, as miracles.  They are noticed, and acknowledged, as something odd, something strange, but rarely assigned the word miracle.  This miracle happens, when The Power, when The Strength, when The Faith, when The Love, when The Glory, of God flows, into, and through you.  There is no limitation, because God is not limited.  There is no boundary of God’s Power.  And when you ask for that Power, and it comes to you, it is possible for you to rise-up, and say to the tree, “Raise your branches, and sing,” and the tree will raise its branches, and sing.  And the mountains will dance, and the rocks will talk, because: it is not your Power, at all; it is not your Strength, at all.  It is your faith, that guides you, to call, and ask.  And when your faith, leads you to call, and ask, it is done.  There is the miracle.  Use your faith.  Call, and ask, and it shall be done.