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January 19 2022


      Be mindful of what you are thinking.  If you are not vigilant, of your thoughts, the energies of greed, jealousy, anger, envy, hatred, and other such energies, will take-up residence, in your thought.  Do not give safe harbor to the spirits, of darkness and shadow, who are using negative energies to distract you from your mission.  For, if you do, the harbor of your thought will become turbulent, and storms will rise-up, from within.  Thoughts, of anger, will become words, and deeds, of anger.  Thoughts, of greed, will become words, and deeds, of greed.  The seed planted, will take root, within your thoughts.  Resist.  Protect the sacredness of your thoughts.  Do not give spirits, of darkness and shadow, safe harbor, in your thoughts.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are the only one who can control your thought.  Master your thought.  Be still.  Feel the thoughts, created, within you.  You can tell the difference, between a thought of light, and a thought of shadow or darkness.  You can feel the difference.  The second a thought, of animosity, toward another person, springs-up, within you, wipe it out, immediately.  Cast it from you.  Do not let it take-up safe harbor in your thought; because, once it is settled, it is difficult to uproot.  Do it immediately.  Do it completely.  Cast all thoughts, of shadow and darkness, from you, promptly, without hesitation.  Master the kingdom of your thought.