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January 20, 2022


      You will walk, many miles, during your lifetime, upon Earth.  You will see, many things, and meet, many people.  But there is one thing, I wish for you to consider, and it would be good to begin, today.  No matter how young you might be, in years, it is never too early to begin, preparing for your entire lifetime, upon Earth.  And you can do this, by setting an intention, and making it a goal, of purpose, that: you will, speak kindly, to all people; you will, touch all things, with love, and care, and respect.  By doing so, you are preparing for the rest of your lifetime.  For, those who have received a kind word, will return a kind word, when you are most in need of it.  Be gentle, compassionate, understanding, to those you meet, because those, who receive this gentleness, this kindness, and understanding, will return it, when you are most in need.  Plant the garden, as young as you can, carefully selecting the seeds, so as they grow-up, your garden will be good, and those who enjoy your garden, and have lived in your garden, and walked through your garden, will acknowledge your garden, and bring you great joy, when you are most in need.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Parents, teach your children to be kind.  Teach your children to be generous, and compassionate.  Teach your children to be understanding, and respectful.  In this way, you are giving them the seeds, for a garden, which will feed them, when they are most in need.