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January 21, 2022


      When it is your desire, that your gift, of free will, be enfolded within My will, then you feel the energy of The Will of Eternity.  It is not limited to your present situation, but it holds eternal truth, within it.  The Will is living, and powerful, yet free, because you have joined Me.  And because you have joined Me, you no longer see, in a limited basis, but you see beyond.  Your particular perspective is no longer locked in place, but you see all possibilities, all options, as they flow together, and ultimately become one.  Be willing, so that you might know.  Be willing, so that you might experience the peace of eternal love, light.  Be willing, so you might know peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You will encounter periods of time where you feel your position cannot be moved, that you cannot change, that you cannot alter.  And at that time, when all is prepared to be rigid, be still.  Breathe-in deeply.  Ask for the guidance of The Love of God, to show you The Way, beyond your limitation, beyond your perspective, and see.  Once this is done, you are no longer rigid; yet, you still hold within you, that which is important to you.  In this way, you are no longer limited, by your perspective; yet, you still know what is right for you.  In this way, you open your eyes, and you see, and you know, without judging.  And when you see, and you know, you grow, and your ways fit comfortably into The Knowing.