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January 22, 2022


      Use the gifts you have been given.  Most of you have set your gifts on a shelf, with very little thought of the gifts you have been given.  Do not make the time, you are spending upon the Earth, a time when you do what others think you should do.  Do not be hesitant, or afraid, to stand-up, and say, “I have been given this gift, by God.  And, I have been given this gift, by God, to use, during my time upon the Earth.  Therefore, I choose to follow the path, using my gifts, to make my way.”  Many will not understand what you say.  Some will outwardly disagree, with what you say.  Still, at the end of the day, it is yours to do, and the gifts are yours, and they are yours to use, so you might not fail, so that you might succeed, and return Home victorious.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You might not receive much encouragement, to use your spiritual gifts, from those around you: friends, family, peers, and authority.  But God encourages you to use your gifts.  I encourage you to use your gifts, because, when you use your gifts, you are practicing.  And the more you practice using your gifts, the better you will become, at using your gifts.  Maintain a spiritual practice, that keeps you connected, with Home Base, with God.  I dwell within you, to guide you, to counsel you.  I counsel you, to use the gifts, you have been given, so that you might shine, in The Glory of God, so that your years, upon Earth, are not wasted, but used, and used well, for The Glory of God.