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January 23, 2022


      “I AM with you.  And I celebrate that I AM with you, today.  Each time we meet, it is a meeting of love, of joy, of serious speaking, and exchanging, of delightful laughter.  It is so, because we are sharing, all the emotions.  I touch you, with My love, and you respond, in an open way.  And that is how we can spend the day, walking, talking, laughing, and dancing, because we know, we are one.                                      

“As you spend your days, upon the Earth, it does not take very long for you to learn, and in the learning, you adjust to your environment, to the atmosphere, around you.  And that is why the choice of your environment is important to you.  The atmosphere, around you, can be a source of growth, of learning, when it is an atmosphere of light, when it is an atmosphere of understanding, and compassion.  In such a beautiful environment all things thrive, children, yes, adults, yes; but if you will notice, this environment, of positive energy, impacts the plant life, it impacts the dog, that you choose as a friend, the cat, that rests on the sofa, in your house.  It has an impact on everything.  And when it is reverse, when the atmosphere is cruel, and harsh, and mean, there too, is an impact, of a negative form.  The dog, the cat, the child, the adult, the plants, they draw-in, and begin to wither.  So, choose your environment, making sure the atmosphere, around you, is life giving, supporting, sustaining, so that you do not starve, and wither.

      “In the light there is a richness, which fills you, with nourishment, and that which you need, to grow.  When you are deprived of the light, it alters your emotion, and your physical body.  And this is the same with your spiritual body.  When you are living in The Light of God, your spiritual body is fulfilled, and your physical body responds to the fulfillment of the spirit.  When you choose to turn away from The Light of God; or, in some other capacity, are deprived of, The Light of God: you wither, you shrink, you are not fed, and fulfilled, you live in fear, and dread.  Choose your atmosphere.  Choose the environment in which you live, because you will adapt to the environment, and you will adapt to the atmosphere, matching it, as closely, as you can, so you live there, comfortably.

      “We do not often choose, to fight the atmosphere, or fight the environment.  We adapt, to the atmosphere, and adapt to the environment.  Choose wisely.  Choose life.  Choose to be filled, and nurtured, and loved, and held.  Turn from the darkness and shadow, and choose The Light, where you will forever be in The Living Waters of God’s Grace.”