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January 23, 2022



      There is much that you can learn, and see, from an icicle, hanging from a roof.  Icicle has come forth, from the snow, which once feel softly, from the clouds, down upon Earth, coming to rest, and then stack-up, on a rooftop.  The snow, the beautiful snowflakes, came forth from the water, the rainwater, in the clouds, and atmosphere.  The melting ice, on the rooftop, will slowly form icicles, responding to the environment, when warmer, melting, dripping, creating a longer icicle, as it freezes, again, responding to the environment.  But on a grey day, observing this frozen icicle, it almost looks forbidding, alone.  But then, comes the light of the sun.  And the light of the sun catches the icicle, and it is transformed into brilliance, revealing that, which was not seen, before the light.  It seems as if it is dancing with colors, from within, brilliant, iridescent colors of pinks, and greens, and blues.  And then, as the light of the sun holds this icicle, in all its brilliance, you notice, at the bottom tip, a drop of water, releases, and falls, to the ground.  Water, again.  Ponder this today.  There is a story, or two, held in the falling snow, the icicle, the light, and you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Responding to environment is important to wellbeing, and comfort.  So, when it is warm, you do not wear sweaters, and hats, and gloves.  And when it is cold, you do not run outside barefoot, in shorts, and light shirts.  You know enough to respond, to your environment, to the atmosphere, around you.  This is how it is as you move through your eternal lifetime.  You instinctively know, how to adapt to the environment, the atmosphere around you.