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January 24, 2022



      Do not lament the past.  Do not fear what the future will bring.  Live in the present, and dance, and sing, and be joyful.  It is not necessary for you to labor under the burden of shame, or guilt, or anger, or frustration, about things of the past.  Forgive, all things, and begin to see that, which happened in the past, as the valuable lesson it is, and bring it forward.   Do not labor under guilt, and shame, and anger, and frustration.  Work, carrying The Book of Lessons, which you are creating, as you walk upon the Earth, and know your lessons, as only you can know them, because you have lived your lessons.  And as for today, do what is to be done, today, carrying The Book of Wisdom, that you are writing, with the lessons you have learned.  This is how you prepare for the future.  You do not prepare for the future with fear, and doubt, and anxiety.  You prepare for the future, holding your Book of Wisdom, the book of your lessons, and doing what is to be done, today, without procrastination, or hesitation.  Take care of today.  That is how you prepare for the future, holding your lessons close, and dear, and doing what comes to you, what is near to you, to be done.  In that way, you are ready.  No matter what comes, you have your lessons, and what needed to be done, was done.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you do what has been brought to you to do, then you live a life that is joyful, because you do not have the undone, hanging upon your shoulders.  Procrastination, hesitation, can be overcome, by simply doing what needs to be done.