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January 25, 2022

When you wake in the morning, you greet those you see with the words “Good Morning”. I wish to be included in your greetings in the mornings. I wish for you to say “Good Morning” to me when you wake up—to acknowledge my presence, to take note that I am there with you. By saying “Good Morning” you are inviting me into your day. I greet you each morning. I greet you with my love, with my acceptance. When you take a moment to greet me, to say “Good Morning God”, you are walking into my presence and into my love that will accompany you throughout your day.

And the Holy Spirit says:

Each morning I wait for you to notice me, to acknowledge me. For when you acknowledge me, then I can help you face anything that the day brings. I can give you the strength, the wisdom, the knowledge, the understanding that you need for each situation that is in your day. I encourage you to greet me each morning and then notice what a difference this makes in your day.