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January 26, 2022

When you stand upon the Earth and you look up into the sky, you can see birds flying. If you look a little higher, you will see birds of prey soaring. Their wings are out, but they are not flapping. These birds are riding a current of wind. When these birds ride a current of wind, they are not working hard. They are allowing the wind to carry them where they want to go. You can be like the bird of prey. You can soar on the current of the wind. For this is what it means when you say, “Let another’s strength be your strength.” It means that you do not need to do all the work yourself. Rather, you can rely on the strength of another. This is what I do for you. Allow me to be your strength. Allow me to be that current of wind that carries you through each and every day, each and every situation that you face. When you rely on me, on my strength, on my provision, then you are like the bird of prey soaring on the wind and you will find that you have the energy and the strength for everything that comes your way.

And the Holy Spirit says:

Let the strength of God be your strength. Let the wisdom of God be your wisdom. Let the knowledge of God be our knowledge. Let the understanding of God by your understanding. Let the power of God be your power. For you carry all these within you for I AM within you. Therefore, you have access to all of God through me. Rest in this knowledge today and be carried on the winds of God and soar.