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January 17, 2023


      There is much to learn from the months of winter.  And one of the things you can learn, from the months of winter, is to observe the trees, which have lost their leaves, baring themselves to you, in the trunk, and the branches, and sometimes the roots, reaching up, above the grasses.  Look at the trees, the bare trees, and see the beauty there.  That is the tree.  The leaves are not all of the tree.  They come, and go, with the seasons.  But the heart of the tree, the real tree, the structure, the life, is carried in the trunk, and the branches, and the roots.  And this, My son, My daughter, is the same for you.  You are not just the leaves, that flower, and blossom, and bloom, and fall, on the outside.  You are the spirit you are within.  And it is strong, and mighty, and beautiful, in its courage to live, to begin at all.  The leaves, on the trees, come, and go.  And that, which is your body, and that which you put on your body, and change about your body, this too comes and goes.  But your spirit, your trunk, and your branches, and your roots, they remain, forever.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you learn to read the book of nature, you will grow in wisdom.