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January 18, 2023


      When you feel as though your patience is like a rope, pulled taut, unwinding, fraying, first, be still.  Do not try to release the tautness of the rope of patience with reasoning.  Let it be, and speak with Me.  Say My name.  Close your eyes, and envision a hand, then a forearm, reaching toward you, touching the rope, then gently supporting it, within the palm of the outstretched hand.  See?  As My hand holds the tension of the rope, your patience begins to respond, and your shoulders soften, as you smile, recognizing, I have come, in answer to your call.  And I always will.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Whenever you call, there will come an answer.  Call, and listen.  Speak, and you shall receive that which you need, for it is already known.  Yet, the calling, and the answer, is a lesson for you, when you see, and recognize, The Hand of God, moving, in your life.