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January 23, 2023



      Guidance comes from within, even in answer to a thought question.  How often have you said words, such as, I knew I should have turned left at the traffic light; or, I felt something was not right about this?  At the time of your internal thought question, the answer came, but the physical brain overrode the message the spirit within was sending in response to your thought.  Trust that which comes from within your being, as it is the guidance you have been seeking.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You trust a compass, and follow the way the indicator is pointing, because you know the compass is designed to give you direction, so you might know the way.  Now it is time to trust Me.  I AM your spiritual compass.  Follow The Way I AM pointing, because I have been sent to give you direction, so you might know The Way, and find comfort in the counsel you are given.  I AM The Holy Spirit of God, within you, and I cannot be broken, or lost, or taken from you.  I AM, within you, and I know The Way.