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January 22, 2023


      There are many ways of living, upon the Earth, which will bring you joy, and peace.  And each one of these ways begins, within you.  Be still.  Go, within.  Find balance, within.  Sit long enough to feel the power, within you.  And then, rise-up, and use the power, I have given unto you, to bring peace, to bring joy, wherever you go.  You find it, within.  And once you find it, you can begin, sharing peace, and joy, with those of Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be content, where you are, right now.  If you are cold, be content, knowing you are cold, and then go, within to find resolution.  If you are hot, be content in the experience of heat, and go, within to find resolution.  No matter where you are be content, and go, within yourself to find: the resolution; and that which you are told, within the quiet, of the chambers, within you.  Then, you rise-up, and use the energy, of your Earth body: to find, that which you need, to bring you warmth, when there is cold; to cool, you, when it is hot; to feed, you when you are hungry.  But seek, the answer, the resolution, within, so that, that which you accomplish, with your body, has begun, within The Spirit of God, and you will truly be at peace.