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January 22, 2023



      “I AM with you.  No matter where you go, where your travels, your journeys, take you, I AM with you.  And there too, you will find, you are never alone.  So, go, without hesitation, wherever you are called, and let your Earth journey unfold, as it is meant to, and be at peace, for I AM with you.    


      “As I walked, upon the Earth, thousands of years ago, I learned many things.  And one was how to be content, no matter what your day might bring.  And this contentment, is borne, within your knowledge, your knowing, to go within, to sit in that sacred space of spirit, within you, to make contact with, The Spirit of God that is, within you, about all things.  For, it is true, that even if you are cold, you can find contentment, in experiencing the cold, by then going, within, and sitting with The Spirit of God, and asking, ‘Show me The Way.  Please, will You show me The Way?’  And hearing the instruction, you will rise-up, and your spirit will lead your body, will animate your flesh, in such a way, that you know how to resolve being cold.  And you will wrap around you, not only the cloak, which will warm you, but The Wisdom of God, which is, within you, to show you The Way.

      “And the same applies to when it is very hot.  Experience the heat, and therein find contentment, knowing, that you will journey, within your being, and ask the question, ‘Will You show me The Way?’  And, in the knowing, in The Way, you will rise-up, and your spirit will animate your body.  And your body will move, and find the coolness of a breeze, or the coolness of water.  Whatever is needed, to bring the discomfort of the heat, to a contentment, knowing, that resolution, to anything the day is showing you, is found, within you, first. 

      “This will begin, your journey, in a different way, by letting your spirit show The Way, by letting your spirit lead your body of flesh to a resolution.  Therein, finding contentment in all things.  The contentment is knowing, there is the resolution, within.  Soon, you find, you do not even have to ponder the situation.  You immediately go within, and ask, ‘Will You show me The Way?’  And The Way is made clear for you.  And you rise-up, and your spirit animates your body; and the body will do, what the spirit intends it to do; and contentment is yours, because you know The Way.  You have found it, each day, by going within, to hear, that which The Spirit of God does say, to you.”