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January 26, 2023


      Your journey does not begin, as you awaken to the spirit, which is you, My Spirit, within you.  Your journey began with the first breath, you took, upon the Earth.  And, at that time, as you took that breath, you knew Me.  You knew your mission, and what should be entailed in the journey, the adventure.  But, as you lived, upon the Earth, one day after another, the memory, the recollection, of the mission, faded, and dimmed, and remained, within.  All along your journey, you will find places, where you stop, and listen, and look around, as if you know something is there, something, waiting to be found.  And it is.  It is, within you.  And as you awaken to the truth, you carry within you, your journey is altered; and you move, over the Earth, remembering who you are, and all that you can do, when your body permits the spirit, within, to guide you, to the truth, along The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Wherever you are, right now, in your journey, upon the Earth, it is the right place to be.  And at those times, when you stop, and pause, and do look around, remember, all that you need, can be found, within you.  Within is where the knowing is encased in The Love of God, there for showing you The Way.  Do not hesitate, along your journey.  Push the distractions away, because the world is there to distract you, every hour of the day.  Rather, seek what you need, within, and continue your journey.  You began, many years ago, and now, it is time for you to remember, so you might know The Way.