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January 27, 2023


      Do you feel my mercy and grace pouring over you, washing you, from within, freeing you, so you might begin, to know who you are, know your eternal presence?  This My son, My daughter, is what I give unto you, mercy and grace.  These gifts abide, within My love, and My light, and they are eternally yours.  Nothing you do will turn My face from you, nor be the cause of withholding mercy, grace, or love.  You are My child, now, and forever; and forever I will sing, of My love, for you.  You are free, and I AM ever with thee.

And The Holy Spirit say:

       Freedom comes with knowing that you are eternally loved by God, and nothing shall change this holy communion with your Creator.  You are loved, beyond all things.  Beyond all things, you are loved.