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January 28, 2023


      Take My hand, and let us sit, in sacred silence, let us sit.  Together, we will listen, to the songs of angels, and feel their presence, with us, as they are one, with us.  My holy angels are sent forth to bring you peace.  They will come to you in visions, and visitations.  They will come in dreams, and apparitions.  Heed their words.  Listen to the messages they bring, and do not be afraid.  For, if the angels come to you, speaking of that which you are meant to do, know this.  They have come, because it is time to release the ways you have known, to walk in The Light, and embrace My Ways.  They will show you, My Ways.  Direction will be clear.  Listen, and hear, and you shall know The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The time will come to each of you.  Do not doubt that it will.  The door shall open, and that which you are meant to see, and know, will be revealed, to you.  This will be done, not through what you have done, or what you think you have earned, or deserve, but what The Will of God has preordained.  It will not be of man, but of The Holy Spirit of God, within you.  I have been sent to you.  And, at the preordained time, when all has been set in place breathes, I will deliver the message, from within, and you shall know The Way.