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January 29, 2023



      “I AM with you.  At the present time, you do not see, as I see.  Your eyes are clouded with the things of the world, your judgment marred with the ways of the world.  But, if you will listen, and hear, that which I speak unto you, you will come to see, as I see, and judgment will fall from you, in the illumination of The Light of God.     


      “As you look, and observe, what is happening around you, you tend to judge by that which you have been taught, or experienced, during your walk upon the Earth.  Therefore, your consideration of the situation, or a person, is limited to that, which you know, of your own accord.  If you will seek, within, and be guided, by that, which is revealed to you, you will not only look, and see, with your eyes of the world, but you will begin to see deeper than before you sought guidance, from within.  As you open to all possibilities, you will broaden your scope, thus seeing more, than you did before.  You were peering through the blinders of worldly experience.

       “Seeing, with the eyes of your soul, will open the realm of possibility, to include expanding beyond that which is obvious, so you might see, as God sees, into the light of the matter, into the light of the person, into The Light.

      “God is The Source of all creation.  All things: come forth from The Sacred Breath of creation; are one with The Source of creation.  You are one with all, which is still flowing, from: The Seed of creation; The Breath of creation; The Energy of creation.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and see The Flow of creation.  Allow it to come to you, without injecting personal observations, or experiences.  Just look.  Look deeply into the expanse that is, within you, deeper still, and wait.

          “From out of the darkness there comes The Light, and that, which is revealed, within The Light, will differ for each of you.  It will be all you are ready to bear.  It will fulfill your desire, and answer the questions, borne, within your thought.  Once this practice is your personal experience, you will have no need of any other reference materials, as you hold The Wisdom of God, within.  You are studying The Course, as you are meant to do.  The wealth of wisdom will not run dry.  Every time you seek, illumination will be yours, and you will know, and live, The Way.”