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January 29, 2023


      Come.  Let us speak of the spirit that is within you.  For, the spirit, that is, within you, is you, the authentic you.  The spirit that is you chose to wear a body of flesh, for a while, for a brief piece of eternity, to bring clarity about certain situations, certain relationships.  Your journey to Earth is not one absent of purpose.  It is of great value.  Your Earth time is a time, of seeing, and knowing.  This seeing, and knowing, all that you gain from the Earth experience, verily can be brought back, through the dimensions, to benefit others.  Others will gain from that which was revealed to you, during your time upon Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:


      Your time upon Earth is a gift to the ages, for that, which is revealed to you, will be the wisdom gift to others, of other times, and other places.  Bring these gifts Home, so others too might know The Way, through that which you did do, during your journey upon Earth.