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January 30, 2023



      Do not hesitate to sing-out with sheer joy for life, not just this life, on Earth, you are currently experiencing, but for the gift of eternal life.  Through no effort of your own, you were created.  From My love, you sprang forth, to swim, in the sea of eternity.  This is all cause for great celebration.  Swim with enthusiasm.  Swim joyfully.  Swim with purpose, the purpose to celebrate your life, all life.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Most of your days, upon Earth, pass, as the lists are checked-off, the errands are completed, all the work of the day done.  Then, you rest your head upon a pillow, and fall into the arms of sleep.  If you repeat this, over, and over, it becomes a monotonous stream, implying work and rest is all there is to your life, upon Earth.  It defines existence, rather than living to the fullest.  Separate the portions of your day, seasoning it, throughout, with periods of prayer, contemplation, reflection.  Make these periods of sweet communion with The One, just as important as all the lists, chores, and tasks.  Come the end of the day, repeating the course of your day will not ring of monotony, but will hold refrains of a song, crescendos of a symphony, all composed by you, in celebration of the course of your day.  You will create a cause for celebration that is the life you are living, to the fullest.