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January 31, 2023



      See, that which is carried, on The Wind.  If you look closely, you can see what you could not see before you knew stillness, and took the journey, within.  The Wind enfolds that which is meant to move, from one place to another, without effort.  It is trust exemplified.  Relax, and The Wind will lift you up, and transport you, to a place of peace, without effort, on your part.  This happens when you open to The Holy Spirit, within you.  The transformation takes place with ease, in peace, within The Present Piece of Eternity you are experiencing.  Be still, and you will feel The Wind rise-up, from within you.  Be quiet, and you will hear The Whisper.  Harken to the words, carried on The Wind.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God has no boundaries.  The Ways of God will not be confined, and will defy the ways of the world, which are attempting to define, that of God, using the limited thinking, and vocabulary, of the world, created by man.  When you journey, within, to sit with God, wisdom shall be your reward, and The Ways of God will be revealed to you, and you shall not be restrained by the ways of the world, but shall be borne on The Wind, seeing that which you are meant to see, hearing that which you are meant to hear, being that which you are meant to be.