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February 1, 2023



      Draw near to Me, so close you feel My Presence with you.  And once you are close to Me, come closer, still.  If you close your eyes, while drawing nearer, you will experience The Oneness.  Ah… being one, as we are meant to be, in a sanctuary of wellbeing, created of our communion, a communion which gives birth to contentment in oneness.  All that springs forth from Me is one with Me.  Therefore, we are one.  While your eyes are closed to the ways of the world, your breath is slow and deep, The Way into My Presence is a natural process, and comforts the soul, as a parent’s sweet breath upon the head of a child, resting in their arms.  Come into My arms, feel My Breath envelope you with the solace of eternal life.  Give Me your heart, and it will be filled, with love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Breathe in all of nature.  Open your arms, and embrace the air around you, and sing, for you live.  You are created to live, within the comfort of God’s love for you.  Live!