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February 2, 2023


      Out of the shadows and darkness formed of the unforgiven past, comes a brilliant light.  As the light swirls, within your being, the truth, of the past, becomes the wisdom of the present, and the lessons of the future.  Not one situation, encounter, or relationship, of the past, is a waste, for the light will illuminate the truth, to be harvested, from within.  The words, prayers, and desires, to be free of the debris, are answered, in the light, and your perspective is altered, in the cleansing.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Reject the temptation to turn and run away from the shadows and darkness, of the past.  Be still, and seek Me, and out of the place of hiding, The Light will flow, bearing truth, in a chalice.  As each drop, from the vessel, is swallowed by you, there comes the saturation of truth, within.  You see, and know, where you have been. The treasure of the journey is yours, held within.  The darkest of caves can reveal the most brilliant diamond, reflecting light, where there was once none.