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February 3, 2023



      Awaken.  Awaken to that which is moving, within, to that which has been stirring, for a long time.  For, when you awaken, to that, which is, within, you move, from the material, into the spiritual, and all that, that realm holds.  Awaken to the reality of eternal life.  The heart, which beats, within you, knows of the contentment.  Your soul, and the spirit, which is you, sing of the contentment.  Be still, and harken to the messages, delivered, from within, to settle the white-capped sea of doubt, and bring you to a place of contentment, known by your heart, soul, and the spirit, that is you.

And The Holy Spirit say:

       Find the solace of a peaceful presence, and you will know contentment, from within.  That, which is of eternal value, and worth, cannot be found with the material.  It is the treasure of the spiritual, and it is yours.  The treasure is within you.