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February 4, 2023


      Be still.  Physically, and mentally, be still.  Push back the veil.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Let your breath be deep, and slow.  Push back the veil.  Go within, traversing the corridors of your inner being, to find the chamber.  Once there, push back the veil.  You see, I AM always with you, within you.  It is you who is called to action, to seek, so you might find.  This action, this seeking, has nothing to do with the material world, but everything to do with the spirit that is, within you, the spirit that is you.  Within you is all that is.  My Spirit dwells, within you, and it is there you are to seek.  Push back the veil, and you will find Me, waiting for you, to teach you, to see, and to know, and to love, love beyond that which you once thought impossible to love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you sit with God your love will know no boundaries, because you will be enfolded, within The Love of God, which has no boundaries, no limitations.  When your love is comingled with The Love of God, all, which you once believed impossible, fades, vanishes, in the illumination of The Light of God’s Love.  You too are held within the illumination.  You are changed, lifted, transformed, within the boundless love of God.  Push back the veil.